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About Us

An isle amidst the Indian Ocean – famed as a pearl, has more precious shines buried down the golden land. Excavated and taken up to the ground with an immense effort of fortunate humans – Gems of Sri Lanka has kept its name at the top of the Queen’s Crown. Dhana Gems has pioneered its expertise towards outgrowing the fame Sri Lanka has for these vividly colored nature’s masterpieces since its inception in 1975 by Mr. Muthuhetti.

Our story is trustworthy and precious just as what we offer to our customers. Once founded by Mr. Muthuhetti our network of distribution was active in Pugoda, Rathnapura and Balangoda. And since we could maintain the international standards and satisfy our proud customer base we launched officially as ‘Dhana Gems’ in 2005. The expertise and knowledge acquired through experience since 1975 and the constructive method we have maintained our business within the family has won us long term business relationships within and overseas.

Our Specialties – The Path to Satisfaction

  • Representing Sri Lanka in Trade and Consumer Exhibitions in China consecutively, since 2011.
  • Providing gems directly from our mines at Rathnapura, Balangoda and Elehara.
  • Designing and crafting jewellery with gemstones (exclusive collections for special occasions)
  • Being a gemstone exporter for India, China, Thailand and the United Kingdom earning famed reputation for quality.
  • Recognized by the National Gem and Jewellery Authority as an export gemstone entity with a supreme track record.
  • Owns a product range of gemstones of more than 70 varieties.
  • Exclusive specialists for producing and providing Blue Sapphires and other Sapphire Gems.

Our Vision

“To endorse Dhana Gems as a reputed brand of gem and jewellery providing pure and enchanting gems to the local and international markets.”

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – to be recognized as people who keep our words
  • Quality – to provide pure products naturally mined and crafted
  • Agile – change according to the market trends and adjust
  • Teamwork – Sharing and collaborating knowledge of the industry
  • A Team with Unbounded Knowledge
  • Generations of Trusted Expertise
  • Integrity Earned Across the Globe
  • Jewellery Designers of Craft and Caliber
  • Internationally recognized Gem Craft Specialists

Over 40 years of integrity and accuracy in providing quality to our customer’s requests we have been able to stand strong in the local and global Gem and Jewellery Industry. Our hopes and wishes are to maintain and upgrade our standards in many more years serving you!